Brilliant News. You've found me!

My name is Eleanor, if you are looking for the perfect photographer for relaxed families who want to capture a fleeting moment of their busy lives with their kids, then your search is over.  


Family life, it's a pretty hectic package these days.  An occasionally overwhelming whirlwind of the school run, after school clubs, playdates, weekend parties – never mind the tattered remains of your own (once busy) social life.


Then every so often, usually when they have fallen asleep, do you marvel at just how much your children have grown?  What fabulous human beings they are becoming? And then have the slightly sad realisation that all these moments happen just the once.  


Let me capture the beauty of your amazing family, you and those great kids you are raising, before another year has hurtled past.


I can help you create images of your family that will be treasured not only by you but your whole family – forever.